The Science of Preparedness

On the neurobiology of preparedness.

Humans have evolved in a dangerous world. Whether dodging predators in the natural world or being alert to dangers in the built environment, PREPAREDNESS is the determining factor that has allowed us to survive and thrive. VENM facilitates PROACTIVE VIGILANCE, encouraging the carrier to increase their threat awareness and optimize outcomes in their favor. Advantages of being proactively vigilant:

Improved Situational Awareness

Increased vigilance leads to an increase in threat detection, in both naturally anxious and non-anxious individuals. This engages a variety of physical and cognitive systems allowing people to orient and engages their flight or fight response towards potential dangers.

Improved response time

The quicker active threats are identified, the more time a person has to neutralize the threat, improving the overall outcome.

Improved performance due to cognitive rehearsal

Cognitive rehearsal involves memorizing responses designed to prevent acting impulsively. Rather than responding immediately or emotionally to aggressive behavior, you hold and process them, which allows you to think about the potential situation and what the most appropriate responses might be. By using a planned, rehearsed response, negative outcomes are reduced.