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Founded in 2019 by serial entrepreneur and aggravated assault victim, Marissa Spano, VENM, Inc., captures your love for fashion, form and function in each piece. Not just fine jewelry with trend-forward designs, featuring only the finest precious metals and gems, VENM’s trademarked designs are created, produced, and hand finished in our New York City jewelry lab. VENM is the only capsule collection offering self-defense tools designed within luxurious jewelry, for both men and women. Each piece VENM, INC. creates is a collectible item and most capsule collections are limited to 100. VENM offers engraving and customization for a more personal offering. Each and every design comes with a certificate of authenticity for the precious gems and metal, and a portion of every Dune sale is donated to a variety of non-profits supporting victims of aggravated assault, domestic violence, and sexual crimes.



  • VENM, INC. is a Woman-Owned Small Business

  • Created as a solution to fend off personal violence, by an assault survivor

  • Custom crafted with handmade elements, precious metals, and genuine precious gems 

  • Each piece of jewelry is lovingly handmade by our team of jewelry artists in NYC

  • VENM, INC. is an up-and-coming brand, made of the highest quality with the most fashion-forward designs in the industry (self-defense jewelry)

  • To show our commitment to personal safety, a portion of aVENM’s profits are donated to select organizations

  • VENM's founder, Marissa Spano, is committed to speaking on and leading self-defense around the US and is a National Medal Holder for Northern Shaolin Kung Fu, part of the US ICMAC Team


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