The ring is meant to be worn on your pointer finger and middle finger, or, your middle finger and ring finger.  It really depends on what's more comfortable for you.

The difference between functional jewelry and wearables:  functional jewelry has no technology in it.  Our smart ring and wearables will have technology in them and are considered functional jewelry.

If you know your ring finger size, you should use that as a gauge and if in doubt, go bigger. You can also check out our sizing chart.

No, but in a court of law your hands and feet can be considered a weapon. It is sharp, it can pierce skin and stun an attacker, but by no means are our products deadly weapons.  They are self-defense tools and wearables that fall within most laws, however you should check your state laws before purchasing our products.

The functional jewelry pieces are plated in 18K Gold or Solid Sterling Silver.  As of 2020, we are only producing the Solid Sterling Silver finish unless it is a special order.

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