About VENM

VENM is a social impact company protecting our community with our app and wearables.  

Our company was founded by Marissa Spano, after many years of researching alternatives and existing products.  In 2020, Jane Mason joined as co-counder with her 25+ years of experience in the FBI as a Special Agent.  Together, they are changing what safety and style look like for citizens. 

Lack of evidence can cost you justice

Many assaults go unreported because of shame, a fear of not being believed, and a lack of evidence.  VENM is determined to empower our community with products that can capture evidence to ensure you have a witness.

Functional jewelry to defend and protect

Most self-defense tools or wearables take training to use, time to deploy, or wind up being used against you. The goal is to stun and run - capturing evidence with our proprietary design. 

Preparedness Is Key To Prevent An Attack

Preparing for a potential attack allows your mental and physical to anticipate, and assimilate better if something were to compromise your safety. 

Preventing assaults

We are interested in personal safety, and creating a safer, more aware community. Environments like traveling in unknown areas, walking down the street alone, dates, ride shares, work situations, running/walking, college campus life, and others offer a breeding ground for assaults to happen. 

The basis of our design are venomous animals and the power of creatures who need to protect themselves in the wild world in which they live.

Each piece is numbered and registered

Each VENM wearable is accompanied by a number where we register your wearable in your name. We also include an awareness + prevention handbook with each purchase.